Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance represents one of the highest areas of risk exposure in terms of the value of aircrafts, third party liability and the frequency of exposure. Aircraft Manufacturers, Airlines of various sizes, General Aviation Services operator, Airport Operators and Aerospace Manufacturers are at risk every minute of every day.

Risk Watch works closely with international underwriters through our associates in Britain and South Africa to assist in the growth of this highly specialised class of insurance business in order to develop market capacity and skills necessary to underwrite aviation business in Africa. In this way, Risk Watch can provide our clients with the stability and continuity of protection needed for this sort of risk with its enormous values and vulnerability to catastrophic loss.

The services of Risk Watch is available to various players in the aviation market, namely:
• Single aircraft owners/operators
• Airline Fleet
• Air Cargo Operators
• Airport and Airfield Operators
• Aircraft Refueling Companies
• Repair and Maintenance Specialists