Mining insurance is a specialized form of insurance risk. It provides all of the coverage types and options you may need to properly insure your mining company against the hazards of the industry. As with most business insurance risks, it includes liability, property and income coverage so that you can focus on what is important.

Mining insurance also provides mining businesses with several coverage options unique to this industry. This coverage can become quite complex, so it is to your benefit to engage the services of a professional insurance Broker like us that specializes in this type of special risks. We will assess your insurance coverage needs and find competitively-priced policies that can meet those needs. Companies in the mining industry have unique insurance needs

One of the biggest risks faced by companies in the mining industry has to do with liability lawsuits against the company. Equipment and machinery used within the mining industry can be extremely expensive, hence it is important that it is properly covered by your business insurance policy.

There are several different types of liability coverage available with a mining business insurance policy like:

Cargo insurance coverage

This is designed to insure the equipment, ore and other materials when they are being transported from one place to another. This coverage applies whether the property is being transported in your own business-owned trucks or by a hired carrier.

These are far from the only insurance options you will need to consider. There are several different ways you can protect your company’s future in the event of a disaster such as a mine cave-in. It is in your best interest to review your many options with an insurance professional so you do not overlook any important coverage and do not purchase coverage you do not need.

Find a Mining Insurance Policy that Provides the Coverage You Need

Understanding your many different coverage options can be tricky. You may find it to your advantage to discuss your risks and assets with your professional insurance Broker before selecting a mining insurance policy.

The global mining industry faces many challenges: softer commodity markets, cost-management challenges, access to financing, and increasing expectations around social, economic, and environmental engagement with host communities and regulators. Meanwhile, investors demand operational rigor and capital discipline to ensure appropriate returns from capital-intensive assets and projects.

In an industry where losses may be few, but significant, we will provide services to ensure that companies large and small avoid, manage, and transfer risk across the entire mining life cycle, from capital raising to mine closure.

Our global team of industry experts understands the risk and challenges posed by the mining and mineral processing industry. Our consulting offerings can reduce the probability and potential impact of a loss event.

The result of our expertise service in mining industry will produce robust, cost-effective risk management and risk transfer programs that enhance the resilience of your business.