Petroleum resources is without doubt the main stay of the Nigerian economy. The production and exploration of Oil and Natural Gas represents the commitment of huge sums of money in the development and construction of upstream and downstream facilities. The technological and financial commitments involved has meant that many international companies in oil exploration and production are active in Nigeria.

The primary objective of Risk Watch is to provide the depth and range of cover required to satisfy the insurance needs of the oil and gas industry where the risk exposures are high and complex in nature. Particularly sensitive areas include:
• Production & Exploration • Delivery to Refineries • Product Distribution • Property Damage & Liability • Control of Well Insurance • Environmental Risks of Seepage & Pollution and Clean-ups after oil spillage.
Risk Watch through its international affiliations, is able to present its clients to Underwriters at Lloyd’s, the London Companies Market, and to Underwriters in other European Markets and in the United States of America for coverage.